Silver and gold jewelry handcrafted by skilled artisans in an East Coast home studio.

UrbanJule’s artisan fine jewelry balances on the evocative edge between the contemporary and the rugged, creating a textured, eye-catching effect. The Urban Dictionary defines “jule” as someone quirky, changeable, and bold in fashion choices. It’s a term that usually refers to women, but in our studio, we feel that the aesthetic is for all genders – and for all occasions.

Characteristically distressed, spare and unpredictable, the designs of this mother-son studio show an artisan touch in their finishing, embracing the jule mood with a contemporary flavor. Pieces are created to be one-of-a-kind and conceptualized for the modern man or woman.

Etsy offers myriad jewelry artists, but at UrbanJule, we’ve chosen to develop personalized customer care side-by-side with our signature look, so we’re confident we can create the piece that will define your personal look and leave you delighted with the experience.

Part of UrbanJule’s online and in-person proceeds go to Global Camps Africa, an organization which offers camp experiences to South African children whose lives have been affected by AIDS.

Please contact the mother-son team at UrbanJule for customizations, personalizations, and questions about our commitment to customer service and to signature silver and gold jewelry.

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